Sunday, 7 May 2017

HP’s Spectre x360 Is The Convertible Laptop That Could Make You Ditch Your Macbook

THE Spectre x360 laptop which can be folded into a tablet is HP’s thinnest convertible yet. And it could just kill off Apple’s Macbook

When you first get a hold of the HP Specter x360 laptop, you are surprised by the thin, lightweight design of the top 2-in-1 laptop from the company.

The device, which can also be folded into a tablet, is the thinnest HP convertible yet and is the successor to the popular Specter notebook from last year.

But once it gets dirty with the device, the slim and quality - cut design of a solid - arguably aluminum block plays second violin to the impressive specifications and product functionality.

It is true that I have owned and used an Apple Macbook for so long that I always feel a little lost change to explore in the Windows operating system.

And with a price tag of $ 2,499, I would have to do a lot to become permanently - but it certainly gives a red hot go.

The laptop is only 13.8 mm thick and the tips of the scales in a measly 1,295 kg.

What the company is calling a "micro edge bezel" has been shaved about 2cm on each side of the screen, packing more punch in the high-definition 13.3-inch high-definition touchscreen.

However, after experimenting with positioning the camera face to face, HP opted not to do the same with the lower and upper edge bezel, which means that it could hold the camera in the desired position and leave the wireless antenna in The top of the screen for better performance Wi-Fi.

The Specter x360 was launched along with the EliteBook x360 which has a strong focus on security and caters to more security conscious executives.

Meanwhile, the Specter x360 is the most consumer-focused offering and marketed in creative and business types that want to meet all of your work and entertainment needs with just one device.

It comes with the Windows 10 operating system, which of course features the Microsoft AI assistant, Cortana.

It also comes with a digitizer pen that can be used in creative applications, edit documents or draw on maps. This is definitely an area where the Specter x360 eclipses the Macbook Pro, which does not even have a touch screen or inking system.

The device can be put into store mode, allowing it to be alone or completely folded into a tablet shape that is particularly useful when using the stylus.

With four built-in Bang & Olufsen speakers looking in different directions, the laptop produces consistent and good quality audio.

The keyboard was a great focus for HP with the new device, but the company understands not to mess too much with the keyboard arrangement of its predecessor.

Great attention to design results on a comfortable and solid keyboard that is backlit, allowing you to work in any light condition and sits next to a very nice glass trackpad.

Under the hood and the laptop is powered by Intel’s seventh generation Core processor and the device has room for up to 16GB of RAM.

It has two thunderbolt USB-C ports for both charging and data, plus a legacy USB 3.0 port which will no doubt make life a little more convenient for anyone.

It has kept the headphone jack but is missing a SD card slot or micro SD card slot which might disappoint some users. The Spectre x360 also ships with a USB-C to HDMI adaptor.

Battery life been improved, allowing users up to 15 hours per charge while working with Wi-Fi on, but screen brightness set to minimum.

I was able to use the laptop for days before requiring a charge.

Given that it is marketed to the busy professional, HP has ensured it can be charged quickly on the go. The device includes “HP fast charge” technology meaning 50 per cent of the computer’s battery will charge in 30 minutes.

With the $2,499 price tag, it might be hard for some Apple Macbook-philes to be convinced to make the switch. But for the less stubborn among us, a device like the HP Spectre x360 is a worthy investment and provides a lot of potential and versatility.

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